Thursday, January 8, 2009

Can Christians Believe in UFOs?

This morning, I read an article over at Answers in Genesis that discussed an idea that I didn't know anyone actually believed: the idea that Christians cannot, and must not, believe in the possibility of alien life in outer space.

This is something I've never understood. The Bible makes no mention of aliens, at all, so why work it into our beliefs?

The fact that they are not mentioned in scripture has caused some to believe that aliens must not be real. As the article puts it:

Even if there were other galaxies with planets very similar to earth, life could only be there if the Creator had fashioned it. If God had done that, and if these beings were going to visit us one day, then He would surely not have left us unenlightened about this. (emphasis mine)

However, the Bible also fails to mention quantum physics, sewing machines, and Antarctica, but those things are certainly real. Most of our world is a mystery and the Bible only tells us about a little of it.

The article also lists numerous reasons why the existence of alien life is dubious and tries to play the part of the paranormal skeptic by decrying UFO sightings as crazy stories. They could be right about that part, maybe there are no aliens, but it has nothing to do with theology and doesn't belong in such an article. It's merely someone's opinion about a hotly debated topic.

The people at Answers in Genesis have gone so far as to say that alien life and the validity of Christianity are mutually exclusive ideas, so if aliens did land they would have to admit that their faith is wrong. That is a very foolish position and it is completely unnecessary.

Believe it or not, the Bible doesn't answer every question. Does it tell us how we can be saved? Certainly, it does.

But, did it warn us about the great depression or explain why Earth's magnetic poles shift? No

It's very unlikely that we will see aliens in our lifetime, even if they do exist, but let's not bog ourselves down with meaningless theology when the work of the Kingdom is to be done.


renea mac said...

Here, here!

I suppose one could make the case that the singularity of the earth and in turn mankind lines up with many of the anthropological implications of a biblical worldview, and therefore we should protect the idea of our uniqueness. But I'm with you. I would start with the science that supports that position. And to say that alien life and Christianity are mutially exclusive is unnecesarily dangerous.

No One said...

Hey, like I said in your baptizing aliens post, I'm here!

Yeah, I disagree on aliens, but that's ok. The only way I could agree there is alien life is of it followed the logic of cs lewis' "out of the silent planet" check that out.

Trust me, I have new age background, before being saved, so I had a horse in the God mad ET even after I was saved. In fact, my belief in et life nearly derailed my walk with Christ. Check out my testimony (early post) on

I also highly recommend that any believers who think there is ET life sincerely ask God to show them the truth. That's what it took for me to learn. If it wasn't for guy malone's testimony, russ dizdar talking about et, michale heiser's "Ufo religions blog", and la marzulli's "alien interviews book - i'd have been lost in my walk with Christ.

Also, in addition to my testimony, check out my investigation of the betty andreasson abduction from a biblical viewpoint. She is a Christian who was abducted by "aliens"

Later bro, don't give up. Don't take this wrong, I just want to share what God has done for my life on this topic.

Anonymous said...

No offense here but I think you are all wrong. The bible does speak of beings that are non-human. Everybodys interpretation is different when it comes to different things. Thats why we all need to wake up and really look. When the Bible speaks of chariots, it doesn't literally mean horses and a buggy. When someone is speaking to the lord in the book, pay close attention to where they are looking. I'll tell you this much if you cant notice..... they sure as hell aren't looking straight ahead or down. WAKE UP!

Anonymous said...

There is evidence everywhere that great percentage of us ignore everyday. I truly do believe in The Almighty God and his son Jesus Christ, but I do also know for a fact there is other life that we don't know of just yet. Ive asked God for this knowledge that most of us today think is ridiculous and he led me to all of the right areas. WE ARE BEING DECEIVED PEOPLE!

Anonymous said...

Humans are the pinnacle of creation according to the bible. So much so that we are made in the image of creator. If aliens land on earth, don't look like us and are yet superior to us then christianity is false. The answers in genesis article is absolutely correct.